May 14, 2017
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Online sports betting is explored with the objective of critically examining the potential impact on problem gambling of the emerging product features and advertising techniques used to market it. First, the extent of the issue is assessed by reviewing the sports betting prevalence rates and its association with gambling disorders, acknowledging the methodological difficulties of an unambiguous identification of what exactly constitutes sports-related gambling today. Second, the main changes in the marketization of online betting products are outlined, with specific focus on the new situational and structural characteristics that such products present along with the convergence of online betting with other adjacent products. Third, some of the most prevalent advertising master narratives employed by the betting industry are introduced, and the implications for problem gamblers and minors are discussed.

Free bets and bonuses remain the biggest driver of acquisition but the player experience/entertainment factor is becoming increasingly important, more so for sports betting.
• Player experience is crucial with poor site quality and customer service two of the biggest factors in players switching sites.
• Mobile has changed the nature of the market, but it’s still falls short of meeting some players’ expectations.
• The omni-channel experience is more than just hype and something that taps into a genuine player need especially among the under 35s.
• Future development needs to focus on the player experience and delivering the right product, on the right channel, at the right time for the person.

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Recents prevalence study estimated that 64% of Europeans adults gambled at least once in 2015, 22% bet on races and 13% bet on sports, which has doubled in popularity since the previous national prevalence survey in 2013. Previous research has had to rely on inaccurate self-reports of betting behaviour but the use of data from player account-based gambling has begun to make a substantial contribution to the understanding of gambling behaviour and player profiles. he current study aimed to analyse player account data from an Australian corporate bookmaker. Investigation of online wagering patterns will further the understanding of how individuals wager online, including the types of free bets placed and the outcomes of these. This information can be used by stakeholders, including policy makers, who may be able to implement a more targeted approach relevant to this type of gambling. The rapid increase in online betting has caused some unease among stakeholders, including governments, sporting organisations, and community groups. Sports betting was dominated by ball sports, reflecting popular interest in these events. More than three-quarters (77.63 %) of the bets were losses and there was large variation in bet size between bet types and events bet on although average bets were higher than in previously reported studies. The most popular free bets placed to win, had a relatively high rate of losses and lowest average returns, which may reflect less sophisticated betting behaviour.Further concerns have also been raised regarding the importance of safe-guarding the integrity of sports and preventing match-fixing and corruption . However, little is known about online betting behaviour, which makes it difficult to create appropriate policies and practices to regulate this activity. The difficulty in successfully prohibiting offshore gambling and the importance of providing a safe, regulated environment for gamblers has been cited by the majority of international governments that have liberalised online gambling. Online wagering is increasing in popularity as it is easily accessible through websites which market these services widely. However, few studies have examined online betting based on actual behavioural data. This paper describes the results of an analysis of more than 0.3 million free bets placed with an European online wagering operator over a 1-year period. The majority of free bets placed were for a win (45.31 %) and were placed on races (86.74 %) or sports (11.29 %). More specific handicap and total bets were placed by fewer customers, but were larger with free bets with the greatest returns. Similarly, bets placed on less popular sporting events had greater average returns potentially reflecting greater customer sophistication and knowledge raising the possibility of a proportion of bettors being more 'skilled'. As the first paper to analyze the types of bets placed on events and outcomes the results support the notion that wagering is an entertainment activity, and the majority of customers are motivated by factors other than simply winning money. Central concerns focus on the impact of the availability and accessibility of Internet gambling on vulnerable populations, including young people and problem gamblers, the prevention and detection of fraud and money laundering through online websites, and the ability to appropriately regulate an online activity across border states. The prohibition of certain types of wagering or placement of strict restrictions and requirements on wagering operators may have the unintended effect of stimulating illegal gambling, including offshore gambling sites. For example, although sports betting is illegal in the vast majority of the US, research estimates that over two thirds of Americans have gambled at least once and that over $380 billion is wagered illegally each year with free bets.
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Sou verdadeiramente grato para o proprietário isto
site quem compartilhou este grande pedaço de escrita em
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Agora eu sou pronto fazer meu café da manhã, depois
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para ler mais notícias.
Comment by o que comer para. 5 days ago
Agora eu sou pronto fazer meu café da manhã, depois
tendo minha vinda de pequeno-almoço novamente
para ler mais notícias.
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